School Home Support/Give a Book/Reading Pals 

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School Home Support Practitioners after receiving training in supervising Reading Pals introduced the scheme into 8 Islington primary schools.

The training and resources were provided by Reading Pals and all books were provided by Give a Book. The Practitioners were able to use the scheme to develop their selected children’s confidence and literacy skills. In each school the Practitioners were able to adapt the scheme according to the priorities and needs of their children and individual schools.



Both the Practitioners and the children have been very enthusiastic about the scheme which is commonly described as ‘fun!’ Evaluation forms and feedback have been regularly collected by the Practitioners, providing clear evidence of the success of the scheme in each school. Success is measured in terms of engagement of the children, increase in their confidence and skills in literacy and development of emotional and social well-being.


In three of the Islington schools Give a Book have also provided a Book Club, consisting of 100 books, stationery and pencils. The Reading Pals children are able to use their cross-age reading skills with children who come to use the wide-range of stimulating books.


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